One must first be fearless to then be free.

Ortygia Island, Sicily, Italy

Jacey Fraser is a full-time traveler and world adventurist. Her inspirational message of fearlessness has been spread internationally via her writing and video production. She writes and edits while riding trains across countries. She films videos while scaling mountains with prime seats for sunsets. She teaches English as a foreign language while learning the street jargon of unexplored cities. Jacey's mission through all she does is to inspire her audience to seize life fearlessly, never submitting a day to unhappiness.


The Author

In 2017, Jacey published her first book, Fearless U. Once recognizing that people too often spend years and decades feeling trapped by their fears, she vowed to help others in a way she wish she could have been. Fearless U is targeted at young women contouring their social relationships, melding their hopes and dreams with another's. Somehow, amidst everything society teaches us as we age, we fail to learn true independence. Fearless U guides women to maintaining a fearless approach in their social relationships to avoid heartbreak, codependence, or regret.


The Traveler

Jacey has been traveling full-time since June of 2017. She bought her one-way ticket to France without more than three weeks planned. She uses work exchanges and digital freelance work to support her travels financially. She also was employed as an English Teacher in Thailand for 5 months as she traveled through Southeast Asia. The next land to be discovered is not yet determined.


The Editor

Jacey works as a freelance editor to help fund her lifestyle. She graduated Louisiana State University with a Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing. She has worked professionally as a Legal Editor, refining and completing documents for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services department. She has also worked for over two years as a Freelance Editor working on projects ranging from business proposals to creative stories. 


The Video Influencer

Jacey's YouTube travel channel is growing exponentially, reaching more viewers in more countries than Jacey ever planned. As she travels, she documents where and how she is doing it so the world can learn that it is not always difficult or expensive to follow your dreams. She uploads new videos five days a week, permitting adequate Wi-Fi connectivity. 

For business inquiries, please contact Jacey directly at admin@jaceyfraser.com.