Fearless Jacey Author, Traveler, YouTuber

Why I Travel

Since I've developed the life motto "Be Fearless," I chose to face many of my fears by traveling without a plan through unknown countries. The only international traveling I've done before this was on a cruise to Mexico. I got that taste of The Big World, but the sheltered experience of a cruise was not enough for me.

I want to live the culture. I want to taste the foods of locals. I want to be immersed in the language. I want to douse myself in a world unknown. Only then can I truly learn about a place.

Why I Wrote Fearless U

I love my Fearless Readers because they are, after all, the reason I wrote Fearless U. I began looking for The One when I was in the second grade. Amidst my quarter-life crisis, I found myself with no Significant Other and a book full of mistakes. After graduating from Louisiana State University with a B.A. in Creative Writing, I followed my passion for writing instead of my passion for love. Pulling from my array of gains and losses in the college dating world, I condensed the thousands of lessons I learned into this book. This book is the ultimate heartbreak prevention method. My promise is that reading Fearless U WILL prevent the all-too-common heartbreak that accompanies dating in college.