Fearless Jacey Author, Traveler, YouTuber

Fearless U:
Mastering Dating, Sex, & Break-Ups as a Woman in College


Fearless U is honest, heartfelt, and informative. It teaches empowerment, independence, and finding comfort on your own. Fearless U is a book for any woman who has looked back at a dating experience and said to herself "What was I thinking?" Fearless U is for every person who is confounded, stumped, or plain lost when it comes to dating. Fearless U is for the person who wants success, happiness, and comfort in dating experiences. 


"witty"    "honest"     "empowering"  "informative"     "sensitive" 

 "truthful"    "insightful"   "accurate"

 "It is something all college-aged women should know and hear."

"There is so much useful information for any woman to utilize & benefit from..."

"A lot of this information I did not learn until much later in life & it would be useful to any woman who enters the dating world..."

"Age, formal education, degrees, experience and wisdom do not protect us from heartbreak, but you have given me perspective that I sincerely appreciate and will learn from."


"There is a lot of great information about dating and being alone that every woman should know!"

"I sure wish I had a book like this to guide me through my young adult years!"

"Some of the stats on college rape and harassment really floored me.  I’m glad Jacey took the time to write a book for young women to steer them away from some of these issues."

"The lessons and guidance in this book is not just for college girls, as a 65 years old woman, I saw things through a different lens.  It gave me perspective!"

"It deals with things a mom would like her daughter to know....but daughter doesn't want to hear these things from Mom."

"I believe there is great value and tips in this book for when a person has to start dating again."